Rescue all animals from their enclosures without being caught by adults! But, you can’t do it alone. You and your friend will have to dress up as adults to get by in this zoo!

Multiplayer Madness

Kidgilantes is a crafty couch co-op for two players. You and your friend will have to dress up as adults and go on an adventure to save all the animals from their enclosures! Hiding from the pesky zoo guards will be the kids’ hardest task, meaning you must run through broken fences, take cover in bushes, and stack up to stay out of sight.

Get Your Sneak On

The best way to sneak by guards is by stacking up! Kids can get together and stand on each other’s shoulders, donning a trenchcoat, hat, and not-so-obvious sunglasses to complete the perfect adult getup. Stacking is not only good for sly sneaking, it helps kids reach brand new heights they’ve never seen before!

Rescue All The Animals!

There are lots of animals that need saving, so kids will travel through various vibrant zoos to save animals such as polar bears, toucans, and more! No kids and no animals can be left behind in Kidgilantes, because cooperation and coordination are key.

Fun For All Ages

Kidgilantes consists of feel-good and intuitive controls, made for anyone of all ages. The single player tutorial provides an interesting introduction to the core gameplay, but the real test comes with how well two players can work together! Each zesty zoo is guarded differently so kids will need to stay in constant communication to help those birds fly free.

Meet the Bodacious Princesses

Katie Moses

Producer, Writer

Katie is the Producer for Kidgilantes. She enjoys making twine games and has contributed to various research projects during her undergraduate career. She’s currently finishing up her BS in Computer Science: Computer Game Design, and will be getting her MS in Serious Games at UCSC in the Fall.

Sally Nguy

Art Director

Sally is the Art Director for Kidgilantes. Outside of Kidgilantes, she collaborates with past acquaintances with their own person projects and has a passion for graphic design. She is currently finishing up her Bachelor of Arts in Art & Design: Games & Playable Media and hopes to further her skills after graduation.

Andrew Purcell

Gameplay Programmer

Andrew is a programmer and the build manager for Kidgilantes. He is currently working to finish his BS in Computer Science: Computer Game Design at UC Santa Cruz. After graduation, he will be working as a software engineer.

Jessie Aniguid

Gameplay Programmer, VFX Artist

He’s all around a pretty cool guy. He’s a curious guy with a growth mindset and always strives to be better at the things he does. He programs in both Unreal and Unity, and is looking to find jobs that have him do just that after graduation.

Xinran Dongfang

3D Artist

Xinran was born and raised in China with a great passion for art, dancing, and cooking.She has traveled the globe with painting kits, her travels brought her to the States where she studied game design. When she is not making art, you can find her in dance studios, or hiking the hills of the Bay Area,. After college she will be attending California College of the Arts to pursue M.F.A. degree.

Veenna San Felipe

3D Modeler, 2D & 3D Artist

Veenna is a 3D Environment Artist and 3D Modeler for Kidgilantes. Prior to this project, she only had experience making 2D art for games, but she hopes to continually develop her skills for both mediums in her future career as well as through future projects.

Tyler Liddicoat

Gameplay Programmer, Level Designer

Tyler is a gameplay programmer and level designer for Kidgilantes. He is finishing his BS in Computer Science: Computer Game Design at UCSC. When not working on projects he is relaxing playing video games, and hanging out with friends.

Garrett Chavez

UI/UX Designer

Garrett is the UI/UX Designer for Kidgilantes. He is into creating simple yet powerful interfaces for games and websites. He’s currently finishing up his BS in Computer Science: Game Design and plans to work full time after graduating.

Matthew Reed

Foley Artist, Sound Designer

Matt is an audio engineer working on the SFX & Foley for Kidgilantes. While Matt has an academic background and focus on sound, he also has a personal drive for writing game lore and developing game mechanics. One of these personal projects, a narrative card game, was showcased to the head publisher of Chronicle Books SF. Matt will be receiving his BA in Summer 2020.

Ali Zeynalov

Gameplay Programmer

Ali is one of the Gameplay Programmers working on Kidgilantes. He enjoys indoor climbing working on developing video games. His current plan is to finish up BS in Computer Science: Computer Game Design, and find a job in gaming industry.

Michael Engheta

3D Artist, Level Designer

Michael is an animator for Kidgilantes. Though he is normally a programmer, he thought it would be fun and interesting to learn something new. He is finishing up his BS in Computer Science: Computer Game Design and plans to find work after graduation that helps heighten his experience.

Yash Dua

Level Designer

Yash is a level designer for Kidgilantes. He plays a lot of League of Legends and has been working on getting a job as a data analyst. He’s finishing up his CS: Game Design degree and is very very excited to be on the Kidgilantes team!

Mason Taylor

Sound Designer

Mason is a Sound Designer for Kidgilantes. He likes to rock climb and cook food in his spare time. Mason will be applying his knowledge in the work force and working with Amazon over the summer.

Noah Lu

3D Artist

Noah works in Kidgilantes as 3D environment artist. She will graduate in 2020 from BS AGPM (ART & DESIGN: GAMES + PLAYABLE MEDIA), and work in game industry in the future.

Angeleen Tan

2D & 3D Artist

Angeleen is an artist for Kidgilantes and a third-year Art + Design: Games & Playable Media student. She enjoys playing and designing video games, board games, and tabletop games alike. She especially has a fondness for illustration, character design, 2D animation, and 3D animation.

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